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Pamela Power

After reading the author’s debut novel, the hilarious Ms Conception, I was curious to see how the psychological thriller Things Unseen would be given voice by Pamela Power.

Set in a Johannesburg suburb, Westcliff,  the novel opens with the gruesome murder of an elderly woman.  This whodunnit uses the paranoia that South Africans feel about crime rather humorously- the first suspects usually are the gardener or domestic.

Emma, whose mother is the victim, is not convinced that the Zimbabwean gardener committed a hate crime and is determined to be a modern day ‘Nancy Drew’.  

She also has to deal with issues of infertility and a spouse who is rigorously unfaithful.  Added to the scene are an ex-lover and brother who has never grown up. In both her novels, Ms Power has gifted her protagonist, with the support of girlfriends who are always rallying support.  

Things Unseen is an enjoyable, humorous novel, with twists and turns in the most unexpected places.  It is fast paced with a tight cast of characters and suspects. I can’t wait for the next novel from this talented author.

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