Book Review

Delilah Now Trending

Pamela Power’s novel has done it again, given me a protagonist I’ve fallen in love with!   

Delilah is witty, snarky and absolutely sparkles in Delilah Now Trending. The author has shone a light into the female mind (as she did in Ms Conception). Lilah is tough and vulnerable. Her relationship with the gorgeous widow almost ends when she second guesses his care during her illness (after all … didn’t he care for his dying wife in the same way?). Lilah wants to be special, and don’t we all hanker for that?

Having endured a marriage and divorce to the idiot Christopher and building herself up from scratch, Lilah as a single mom is a force to be reckoned with.

Daisy, Lilah’s daughter, is accused of pushing long-time rival Rosie off the balcony at school. While Rosie lies in a coma, Lilah is forced to deal with accusations against her daughter and loads of drama in her personal life.  

The novel explores themes of bullying, teens and social media, parental pressure in academics and race relations that are always tinged with apartheid’s past.

With a cast of characters that had me in fits of laughter – Portia, Lilah’s right hand on the home front, Cas her best friend and lawyer and Henry her business partner, Delilah Now Trending will keep you in just the right amount of suspense.

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